About Ashdod Timber

General Activity

A Wide Range of Softwood Products from Europe's Largest Producers

Ashdod Timber Trade strives to be the leading timber products company in Israel. Today, the company imports and markets a wide range of sawn and processed softwood (spruce and pine) and plywood (OSB, shuttered board) for use in the joinery, construction and the DIY (do it yourself) markets. The company also imports and markets high quality clay roof tiles. Ashdod Timber creates value for customers by marketing only the highest quality woods and tiles in a timely manner and at a cost effective price. Because of this record performance, our customers' choose Ashdod Timber first, the company is an attractive partner for our suppliers and our employees are proud to work with us and are motivated to create success.

Strategic Goals

Ashdod Timber Trade's strategic goal is to achieve operational excellence and superior performance, thereby increasing the value of the Company and achieving profitable growth. Our world-class production assets, excellent management resources and customer services which support product development and enhance their value creation, serve to motivate sales growth in excess of market growth, generate high productivity rates and enable cost efficiency in pricing for our customers. This generates high profit growth overall.

Imports and Markets

Ashdod Timber Trade was founded in 1985 and since then has imported the highest standard woods from Scandinavia (Finland and Sweden), Eastern Europe, North and South America, China and Russia. These imports, and the resulting sales and income have risen steadily since 1992, reaching a record consumption of approximately 100,000 cbm per year. Our main suppliers are StoraEnso, Versowood, Junnikkala, Moelven, Vapo, Setra and Ilim Timber.

Ashdod Timber's customers include a variety of timber and tiles merchants as well as industrial end users of wood products.

The Israeli wood market has grown and developed over the last 20 years. Today, the total demand is about 550,000 cbm of which 60% is white wood. This whitewood is mainly used for construction, roofing and infrastructure. The redwood is mainly used in the joinery (door frames, profile boards for roofs, galleries etc.), carpentry workshops, indoor and outdoors furniture.


Ashdod Timber Trade offers a product range that includes semi-finished sawn and processed wood products and tiles. Our focus is on mass customized value added products, such as planned goods, profiled products, frame doors, re-cut timber and impregnation.

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